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Mother Tongue Chinese



To achieve academic excellence and enhance students’ language proficiency in Mother Tongue.


Key Programmes


Chinese Programmes / Events



Mother Tongue Language Fortnight


Some Activities include:

Chinese Cultural Camp

Pen Calligraphy Competition

Chinese Calligraphy / Painting

Poetry Recitation

Essay Writing Competition

P1 – P6

Curriculum Time

Extensive Reading Programme

P1 – P5

Curriculum Time

Pinyin Input & Keyboarding Skills

P1 – P2

Curriculum Time

E-Oracy Land

P1 – P3

Curriculum Time

Writing Programme

P1 – P2

Curriculum Time

10 C Portal

P3 (2 classes)

Curriculum Time

Composition Writing Programme

P3 – P4

Curriculum Time

iMTL Portal


Curriculum Time

E-portfolio  / Online Writing & E-peer Editing

P4 – P5

Curriculum Time

Immersion Programme


Term 2 Week 10

Comprehension Programme


Curriculum Time

International Online Writing Competition

P5 – P6

Curriculum Time

Intensive Oral Package


Curriculum Time

Intensive Study Programme


June Holidays


Professional Learning Communities


Through Lesson Study, CL teachers actively discuss on specific CL topics, design lesson packages and improve on their lesson delivery, which in turn positively impact students’ learning.


Lesson Study Focus

CL Group 1:  Primary 5 – Comprehension

CL Group 2:  Primary 4 –Comprehension

CL Group 3:  Primary 2 –Composition