Secondary 1 (S1) Posting Exercise

The 2015 Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) results will be released on 25 November 2015. Students may apply for their secondary schools via the Secondary One-Internet System (S1-IS) from 11am on 25 November 2015 until 3pm on 1 December 2015.




P1 Orientation Performance by NSPS Drama Club





SG50 Inspirational Short Films with BounceSG Free Online Learning Journeys

We are happy to announce that  BounceSG have successfully launched their first seven BounceSG SG50 short films and online learning journeys. With the online platform, they are able to reach out to even more schools, students and parents, and they will also be able to enjoy these online learning journeys for free till end of 2015. Please click on the link below.






Haze Management Measures

Please read the following letter for more information on our school's continuity plan during this haze situation. 

 Letter to Parents on Haze Management Measures.pdf

Haze Management Measures for PSLE Written Exam.pdf


The Ministry of Education (MOE) has its school continuity plan in place for the haze situation.  The health and well-being of our students and staff are of top priority and all schools will take appropriate mitigation measures based on MOH’s health advisory for the day to ensure the well-being of our students and staff.  The details can be found at MOE’s website at

You may also keep yourself updated with the advisories on the following communication channels :

MOE - or





Term 4 Letter & Calendar, Road Safety Information

Welcome back students to the start of a new term. Please take note of the following; Calendar of Activities for Term 4, Letter on Road Safety and Slides on Road Safety for Primary Schools.

 2015 CALENDAR OF ACTIVITIES_Term 4 for Parents and Students.pdf

 Annex 1 Letter to Parents on Safety Road Practices.pdf

 Road Safety Slides for Primary Schools.pdf 




International Chinese Language Competition (ICLC) 2015

We are very happy to announce that Zhou Zixuan (P5.6) has achieved the "Gold" award for both Singapore and International regions for ICLC 2015. Emily Neo Cui En (P6.1) has achieved a "Bronze“ award for the Singapore region.






Empowering Families through Family Matters@School & Family Matters@School for Fathers


The following are some of the upcoming workshops that the school will be organizing from September to November of 2015.

A.   Partnership Parenting - Building Alliance, Appreciating Difference (October)

B.    Family Bonding Programme: The Art of Super Parenting cum Kite Flying (November)


 If you are interested to attend to any of the above workshop(s), please click on the following link: Workshop Registration Form




2015 Direct Admission Exercise


The 2015 Direct Admission Exercises for direct admission to secondary schools, junior colleges (JC) and polytechnics are commencing. Students interested in applying may start to do so from this month. Students interested in participating in the DSA-Sec, DSA-JC or DPA Exercises should visit the websites of the participating institutions for more details. They are advised to do so before the start of the respective exercises. Please click on the link below to read the press release.




2015 Young Illustrator Awards

Congratulations to Nabil 6.1 from the ICT Club whose digital art submissions for the 2015 Young Illustrator Awards won him the Artist of the Month Award for May. His freehand paintings on the digital art platform include pictures of a baby, chips and a castle as well.

Artist of the month




Healthy Meals in Schools and at Home – Parents’ Booklet

Childhood and adolescent years are crucial to set the foundation for healthy growth. Eating a nutritionally balanced diet supports optimal growth and development. By encouraging healthy eating habits now, we can give our students the best opportunity to grow into healthy adults.


HPB has developed a Parents’ Booklet to encourage parents to nurture healthy eating habits at home. Together with the Healthy Meals in Schools Programme, we aim to promote the consumption of healthy meals with a balanced mix of the four different food groups – brown rice, whole grain noodles and wholemeal bread; fruit and vegetables as well as meat and alternatives, both in school and at home. Please click on the e-version of Parents’ Booklet below to download the booklet.  




School-Based Student Care Centre

The school is pleased to announce the appointment of Raffles Student Care Centre LLP as the operator for our School-Based Student Care Centre (SCC). The SCC, which is located at the new Indoor Sports Hall building, has begun operations since January 2015. Interested parents/guardians may obtain application form from the general office or download the softcopy version belowPlease note that application is not on a first-come-first-serve basis. For enquiries, please contact the SCC Manager, Mdm Aishah Abu Bakar at 8368 9694 or email

 Raffles Student Care Centre - Application Form.pdf




Cyber Wellness

These are links to some useful websites to learn more about how to safeguard the safety and privacy of your children online, as well as, help your children to cope with cyber bullying.

C-Quest: A Mobile App Game about Cyber Wellness

MOE has also developed C-Quest, a mobile game App, to involve parents in providing holistic cyber wellness education. C-Quest is specially designed to facilitate meaningful parent-child conversations on their online experiences and explore various cyber wellness issues in order to navigate the cyber space safely and responsibly. The game also provides useful tips to the players to manage their online activities. This free app is available for download in Google Play. More information on the app can be found at the Press Release.




Online Travel Plans for long weekends and School Vacation Periods

We thank parents who have made use of the online Travel Plans facility at our school website to submit their travel plans.  In order to harness technology and save trees, only students without internet access will approach their teachers to obtain the hardcopy forms for submission. Please note that for Primary 1 students, a NIL return is necessary.  For Primary 2 to 6 students,  only those who are travelling need to submit their travel plans online via our school website. Please use our online travel declaration form (link on the left section on our school website's homepage) to inform the school of your child's travel plans. Those travelling during the long weekends are kindly requested to submit your travel plans as well.




Road Safety Matters

Let us be good role models and obey traffic rules and let us take extra effort to be vigilant on the roads, especially in areas where children will congregate. Everyone has a stake in road safety. Let us work together to make our roads safer for ourselves, our loved ones and all road users. Please take note of the following information on Road Safety:

Letter to Parents on Safety Road Practices.pdf

Road Safety for Primary Schools.pdf 

To learn more about Road Safety, click on this link from the Singapore Road Safety Council




MTL Portal for P4 and P5 Students

We are happy to announce that the iMTL Portal is now available to our P4 and P5 students. The link to the portal is located on the left menu bar on our school website. The iMTL Portal is a web-based portal developed by MOE that enhances students’ learning of communication skills in Mother Tongue Languages through meaningful feedback and self-directed learning. The portal provides students with more opportunities (within and beyond curriculum time) to learn and use the language in authentic contexts, thereby increasing exposure time to the Mother Tongue Languages. You can learn more about the portal by clicking on the links below to view the videos on YouTube.


iMTL Video for General Information in English

The iMTL Portal (English)


iMTL Video for Chinese    


iMTL Video for  Malay     


iMTL Video for  Tamil     




Family Time for CCE Lessons

“Family Time” is a new feature in our Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons. Click on the link to find out more. Family Time CCE.pdf 




Parents in Education (PiE) website & MOE's Enhanced Parents in Education Mobile App

The Ministry of Education has a new website, Parents in Education (PiE), and we would like to encourage parents to visit this website for resources to help better support the education and development of your children. It contains articles on parenting tips, educational news, information on the school curriculum, and resources for parents to support their children’s learning at home. Please click on to access the PiE website.

Parents can get quick updates on education-related information!

Parents can now input their children’s level of study, and receive updates customised to their profile. There is a new poll feature which provides improved interactivity. A new calendar function gives a quick overview of school holidays and various education-related events! You may wish to download the Enhanced Parents in Education Mobile App -- iOS or Android.




Supporting Singapore Students

The Ministry of Education has published an informational brochure on the various schemes and details on awards available for Singaporean students. Click on the link below to read more.

Supporting Singapore Students Brochure 2012.pdf